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Created on 2012-01-26 18:55:28 (#1454824), last updated 2012-12-24 (247 weeks ago)

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Name:GPXPlus Discussion and Click Exchange.
Posting Access:All Members
I noticed there was no community here for GPX+, so here you go!

Global Pokedex Plus

1. Only post your party up to TWO times per day. This rule will be a bit more lenient for a bit until we have a decent amount of members, meaning, I won't necessarily be punishing those who break it, but do not post 50 times in one day, please. This rule will be edited once we have enough members to warrant it. Posting discussion about GPX+ does NOT count toward this rule.
2. Only post GPX+ Pokemon here. This rule will be enforced at all times.

1. This community is not run by any mod or admin of GPX+. Just a regular ol' member. :) So I cannot answer mod-specific questions, sorry.

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adopt, adoptables, adopting, battling pokemon, bidofo, click exchanges, dracowymsy, easter buneary, fake groudon, festive makuhita, global pokedex plus, gpxplus, icy horsea, legendary pokemon, pocket monsters, pokemon, santa hariyama, summoning pokemon, trading pokemon, trinkets, winter vulpix, zergoose
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